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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Office Communications Server 2007

At present I am currently testing the new released (is it released yet ?) Office Communication Server 2007 capabilities for Blackberry. Nothing to report yet... but it does look promising. I have a vision of getting an inhouse dev to provide an app that will provide Ocs2007 functionality to the palm of your hand, which leads me to my next though...
Why have Blackbery been so late into introducing higher speed devices into the GPRS market ?
They had a stab at it with the 8707 but WCDMA proved to be not all that it was cracked up to be.
For Australia to move forward in the market an HSDPA (or next generation, lol) device is needed, hence Telstra's enthusiasm to be the first in the world with the fastest device.
I can't see the average organisation utilising the faster speeds with how the Blackberry works but I can see the largest enterprises utilising this eventually. Not for a few years yet ;-) Did someone mentin next BES ?

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