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Friday, February 22, 2008

Mobility Banking - Secure Internet Banking

Seems to be a big grey area in the market these days.

Only one notable Australian Bank has come to the plate with mobile banking, enter, Bank of Queensland (BOQ).

This is one of the areas that is easily steaked in the group as a competitive advantage to the rest of the market. Now let's not forget IT's roots here, to support the business.

This is a primary example of where technology is capable of doing 256 Bit HTTP SSL Encryption over an AES Data connection and a business not being to "scared" to be the first to offer it.

I look forward to the day the desktop is obsolete. I pretty much only use it for research, banking and remote-desktop these days anyway

IM (MSN, GTalk, YMessenger), Email (Desktop,Windows Live Hotamil,Gmail), SMS, MMS, Phone-calls, Feeds, Cricket Scores :), Facebook and of course the once a day Accuwhethere Push Service all are done from my 8310 Curve.

Banking on my Blackberry would be fantastic, it might even be a pre-requisite in the not too distant future for which bank (no pun intended) I go with.

Here's to reading your last 7 days transaction whilst in transit minus a laptop :)

OCS 2007 Certification

One thing I did forget to mention was that Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 Certification for Blackberry Enterprise Server will not be granted until service pack 6. Lotus sametime seems to be the flavour of the month, and why not? Lotus is by far the largest messaging/communications solution for the the US fortune 500.

Link to SP5 PDF from Webcast


Thanks to Dataoutages :)

Service Pack 6 - Confirmed

Due out later this year apparently :)

What little goodies will we see ?

Aaron Stuart from RIM stated "released later this year"

BES SP5 WEBCAST .... Flooded !!!

Well here I am.... 4:06am AEST ..... trying to get onto the RIM resourcecentre website to watch the official presentation for BES 4.1 Service Pack 5 and it appears that the site has been swamped. Even using an overseas proxy still would produce no results when trying to attempt to connect.

Hopefully I will have something to post in the next hour.

and hopefully I didn't get up @ 4am for nothing to :)

EDIT: Just checked out the forums.... everyone is unable to get in :-(

Although annoyed it is very satisfying that there is such demand for a newly relesed service pack.

Onward soldier...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jumping Ship

Sorry for the amount of time between posts, been busy getting myself a new Job @ Optus Australia :)

One thing I am definately looking forward to is the Wireless Lan Pearl that's on offer through Optus.

UMA is definately the future....

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blackberry Wishlist / Need List

Ill start the ball rolling now, not conclusive, but I am going to put up my Wishlist for the Blackberry Solution, ones that are easily added to the device and aren't unrealistic (i.e a key dedicated to producing wormholes :P )

1. GPS Notification Icon - Doesn't that just bite when ur battery goes dead because you have left GPS on all day ?
2. BES Management Console for the Device, i.e. So BESadmins can add and remove and reset passwords on the go.
3. Ability to remotely hide/show icons on users devices rather than just the service. i.e Hid the compose icon.

EDIT: Good to see atleast one of my ideas was fixed with SP5 :)

more to come.....