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Thursday, November 29, 2007


One handy feature of the OS is the scrubbing after wiping feature.

RIM defines it as the following -

"the process of rewriting over memory to remove any residual unmapped data on the BlackBerry device. The scrubbing process could take up to several hours."

I am still trying to find out the exact details of scrubbing, as it is still a bit hazy, would love to post the exact method/mathematical formula/algorithm used.

I like this part -

"Note: Once scrubbing has been triggered, there is no way of stopping it. The process must be fully completed before the BlackBerry device may be used. Removing and reinserting the battery of the BlackBerry device will only start the scrubbing process again from the beginning.

The duration of the scrubbing process depends on factors such as the actual processor speed of the BlackBerry device, the amount of memory that it has, and the actual memory speed."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

RIM the Confusing :)

Q: How do I determine if an MR is a hotfix or a rollup?
A: The web site and Release Notes clearly identify the MR as either a hotfix or rollup

Taken from Here

I'm still a little bemused by it all....

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mobility Man Enjoying Beer !

Well... he would be if he wasn't on standby waiting for his new child to arrive in this fine world.

Sporting a Mo, as we are all supposed to be as Movember is a great cause, since us blokes rarely visit the Doctor.

He has more on his site here

Aussie Media Coverage

Since my inbox was overflowing with emails surrounding this article, I thought i'd post here.

A few interesting comments around expected growth.

4.1.4 Maintainence Release 3

RIM seem to be pumping the fix's atm, when will the features arrive ?

Apparently sp5 is not due out until Feb 2008, check the RIM Lifecycle Page.

Remote Services

I recently had the pleasure of being asked to train up some of our NZ boys around Blackberry. Fun was had by all, esp. the Greek in the middle :P

Mark had brought something to my attention whilst doing a remote router service install and noted that the usual registry entry change needed for remote services was already enabled.

It seems the remote service's are now crying out for mummy when installed, thus enabling it automatically.

Nifty idea ... but can this be exploited somehow ?

Monday, November 5, 2007

Wireless reconcile

when switched off does not perform to 100% after a period of time.

I don't know why

BES logs are clean.

Not happy

Hopefully fixed in 5.0

Media on the 8310

Enable mass storage mode and smash some tunes on the card and rock away puppy!

this Business phone goes great comparably in regards to music playback.

Playing music for an hour at full ball with medium sized JVC headphones , the battery hardly goes down at all!!!

comparable to an i-pod i would say... 10 hours or more would drain the battery i estimate.

I was very supprised by the amount of performance from a business phone... i am happy to say that it out preforms a nokia in regards to playback.

very sharp.

8/10 only because the play is very basic.

stops in between songs.
stops when unlocking device etc....

Holiday fun and the Blackberry 8310!

Hi All,

A couple of weeks have flown by, to the lack of mentioning my annual leave from the grind :(

never the less, i managed to fully test out the Vodafone GPS Application on 3rd Service pack release for the whole trip - from Wollongong to the Gold Coast.

So much to say, so little time, lol.

1st point - it got me there
2nd point - questionable
3rd point - it improved
4th point - i needed it bigtime and it didnt fail

it worked well, although it's routes were questionable it still got me there. The VF product is supposed to be up to date but i did find on a few remote occasions that the map didn't know where i was ?? i.e on newly built bypass's etc.

1 thing i don't like is the lack of which town i am in now ?

when you are driving a long way and someone calls you would like to tell them where you are Vodafone !

anyway..... ill elaborate later.........

the Holiday was great... i had a great time and if it wasn't for my Blackberry's long battery life and reliability i would have had a poor experience.

more to follow....