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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First things first....

Blackberry just works.


To sell Blackberry is very easy these days due to the above statement.

You might find that's a pretty weird way to start out a newly created Blog specifically to do with ideas surrounding the Blackerry World and the Mobility workspace it plays in, but that's me.

Who is me ? you might ask ....

A self confessed Blackberry NUT ! Yes that's right, i'm very into Blackberry more so from the Technology point of view and how the whole Solution has captivated/captured the market.

I live in Wollongong and work in Sydney for an ICT Solutions provider in Australia called Gen-i who are part of the Telecom Group of NewZealand (AAPT and Powertel are also owned by them).

I have been directly involved in Blackberry since 2004 providing Blackberry Consulting services for 2 of the 3 Carriers in Australia up until this year where I joined Gen-i/AAPT in January.

I work closely with my colleagues Lee Williams (All things Mobility Guru) and Craig Pringle - Tablet MVP and Messaging and Collaboration Guru ( and the IT Infrastructure team in the Mobility Space where I am known to them as the "blackberryman".

I have been a member on Blackberry forums (under an alias) since early 2005 and would like to do my first plug for them as the community there is absolutely fantastic, although at times can be inundated with BESAdmins on panic alert .... Ill save that for another post.

Secondly, one of my Goals of this Blog is to not turn this into a marketing page. I could slap a few domain names in here as examples of a non thinkers blog, but i'll be patient and conserve my energy for other areas.

Thirdly, suggestions are noted well. Like I said, this blog is about ideas around Blackberry and that's the way i'm going to keep it.

That's it for now... tomorrow is Blackberry Blogging day.....

"At 3am last night I got this important email, damn I hate my Blackberry" - positive negativity

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