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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lee Williams' Blog

As promised, here is Lee's "all things mobility" blog ....

Bound to be full of in-depth knowledge surrounding mobility, I look forward to the post's ahead.

The HTC Kaiser seems to be catching my attention, a first for Windows Mobile devices.

Here it is...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blog is moving ...

Yes , no post's due to working on the new site (hosting wise)

will be up in the not too distant future....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mr System Manager doesn't like Mr R2 (apparently)

Is it just me or does Windows Server 2003 R2 (MMC 3.0) seem to have issues around Exchange System Manager ?

I came across this issue on friday where the DLL seemed to not register correctly thus rendering the MMC 3.0 console not knowing what to with the snap-in.

On a quick scavenge of the internet (as I only had 10 minutes at the time) I found similar instances of this issue.

I can't understand why Microsoft would and does continually do stuff like this. Windows is big, right... Exchange is big, right.... you would atleast make sure (and spend a few more days testing) that these two core products would work well together before a release.

BTW heres the spec's
Windows Server 2003 R2 with all latest Windows Updates and Exchange System Manager (6.944) - snap in failed.

No errors in the Windows System or Application event log's either, strange.

A re-install fixed it.

Why it worked? I do not know.

Side Note - I know it's not Blackberry "per say" but it's a BES requirement, thought i'd rant!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boygenuis talking to Blackberry Cool Continued...

Very interesting podcast. I was not expecting what I heard, I had always assumed that BGR and BBC were of a more technical background. I think I would say, slightly dissapointed. There are a few points that came out of Part 1 of the the Twin sessions but I left my notepad on my desk at work. From what I can remember there was a whole 8800 vs 8300 vs 8310 discussion contained within the conversation that was about how all 3 devices are extremely similar. There not!
Point 1 - the 8800 has the best battery life out of any smartphone on the market, source unknown on that one, will seek qualificatoin.
Point 2 - the 8800 has in built GPS but not camera but long battery life. the 8300 has GPS but a camera, the 8310 has GPS and has a camera. They are in a range for what features you need most.
BES/OS 5.0 Information was a letdown hopefully it is revisited next post.
1 thing that stood out was there massive comparrison to the iPhone. Australia is yet to experience this and I hope that it is an over rated phenomenon, since BGR and BBC were convinced the iPhone is a competitor to Blackeberry.
On a side note, Windows Mobile didn't even come into conversation throughout the interview, maybe only in passing comment but it really showed us Australian's an insite into the US/Canada mobile data market space.
I was reassured when BGR said that Blackberry wins hands down in the enterprise environment, confirming what I already thought for the US market.
I am even more keen now to find out about the road map for the Blackberry future as they definately hold there cards close to their chests.

Quote from the podcast "steve job just has these massive medicine balls..."

more to follow.....

Boygenuis talking to Blackberry Cool

Since I am an avid fan of both the above mentioned I thought I would encourage people to listen to this rare podcast from BBC. Very very informative ... heres the link ...

I'm still listening to it, comments to come...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Office Communications Server 2007

At present I am currently testing the new released (is it released yet ?) Office Communication Server 2007 capabilities for Blackberry. Nothing to report yet... but it does look promising. I have a vision of getting an inhouse dev to provide an app that will provide Ocs2007 functionality to the palm of your hand, which leads me to my next though...
Why have Blackbery been so late into introducing higher speed devices into the GPRS market ?
They had a stab at it with the 8707 but WCDMA proved to be not all that it was cracked up to be.
For Australia to move forward in the market an HSDPA (or next generation, lol) device is needed, hence Telstra's enthusiasm to be the first in the world with the fastest device.
I can't see the average organisation utilising the faster speeds with how the Blackberry works but I can see the largest enterprises utilising this eventually. Not for a few years yet ;-) Did someone mentin next BES ?

How To: Disable Email Delivery in 4.1.1

One of the most frustrating problems I have had ever finally was solved last week.

The Problem: To NOT recieve email's on a Blackberry Device.

The Solution: Seemed extremely straight forward, disabled from the handheld but to no avail, disabled email reconciliation and still failed, firewall still failed. This puzzled me to no end. Log's showing messages being delivered to device so for some reason the changes weren't being recognised by the BES. Here is how I eventually fixed it....

1. Remove check box's from the folders to be redirected
2. Create a special IT policy that disables wireless reconcile
3. Disable sync in properties of user on the BES
4. Wait for a couple of minutes for config to update device
5. Change back to default IT policy and enable Synch.

Seemed a little strange to me but that was the only way I could figure it out. For some reason the clients solution was intent on NOT getting email out to those devices.

Good to know that trying to break the solution is hard :P

I think the RIM developement team mustn't have had much feedback on this component of the SDLC, lol.

Ancient Hisotry

About 2 years ago around when Service Pack 2 for Exchange was coming about I was shown some documentation around the Windows Mobile architecture for Direct Push. One thing stood out and one that I found amazing was the amount of Data consumed by a Windows Mobile device just to keep the connection alive. 2 years ago it was around the 2c per kilobyte figure and having Exchange Active Sync enabled on the devices over a Month would rack up an aproximate bill of 15mb! @ the before mention price equals $50.00 without any email! This astounded me as Blackberry on the lowest plan only needed 1mb of Data at the time in Australia.

How is it that one solution without email needs 15 times the amount of data than a solution with email?

It makes me wonder where else the fat is going.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

First things first....

Blackberry just works.


To sell Blackberry is very easy these days due to the above statement.

You might find that's a pretty weird way to start out a newly created Blog specifically to do with ideas surrounding the Blackerry World and the Mobility workspace it plays in, but that's me.

Who is me ? you might ask ....

A self confessed Blackberry NUT ! Yes that's right, i'm very into Blackberry more so from the Technology point of view and how the whole Solution has captivated/captured the market.

I live in Wollongong and work in Sydney for an ICT Solutions provider in Australia called Gen-i who are part of the Telecom Group of NewZealand (AAPT and Powertel are also owned by them).

I have been directly involved in Blackberry since 2004 providing Blackberry Consulting services for 2 of the 3 Carriers in Australia up until this year where I joined Gen-i/AAPT in January.

I work closely with my colleagues Lee Williams (All things Mobility Guru) and Craig Pringle - Tablet MVP and Messaging and Collaboration Guru ( and the IT Infrastructure team in the Mobility Space where I am known to them as the "blackberryman".

I have been a member on Blackberry forums (under an alias) since early 2005 and would like to do my first plug for them as the community there is absolutely fantastic, although at times can be inundated with BESAdmins on panic alert .... Ill save that for another post.

Secondly, one of my Goals of this Blog is to not turn this into a marketing page. I could slap a few domain names in here as examples of a non thinkers blog, but i'll be patient and conserve my energy for other areas.

Thirdly, suggestions are noted well. Like I said, this blog is about ideas around Blackberry and that's the way i'm going to keep it.

That's it for now... tomorrow is Blackberry Blogging day.....

"At 3am last night I got this important email, damn I hate my Blackberry" - positive negativity