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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Boygenuis talking to Blackberry Cool Continued...

Very interesting podcast. I was not expecting what I heard, I had always assumed that BGR and BBC were of a more technical background. I think I would say, slightly dissapointed. There are a few points that came out of Part 1 of the the Twin sessions but I left my notepad on my desk at work. From what I can remember there was a whole 8800 vs 8300 vs 8310 discussion contained within the conversation that was about how all 3 devices are extremely similar. There not!
Point 1 - the 8800 has the best battery life out of any smartphone on the market, source unknown on that one, will seek qualificatoin.
Point 2 - the 8800 has in built GPS but not camera but long battery life. the 8300 has GPS but a camera, the 8310 has GPS and has a camera. They are in a range for what features you need most.
BES/OS 5.0 Information was a letdown hopefully it is revisited next post.
1 thing that stood out was there massive comparrison to the iPhone. Australia is yet to experience this and I hope that it is an over rated phenomenon, since BGR and BBC were convinced the iPhone is a competitor to Blackeberry.
On a side note, Windows Mobile didn't even come into conversation throughout the interview, maybe only in passing comment but it really showed us Australian's an insite into the US/Canada mobile data market space.
I was reassured when BGR said that Blackberry wins hands down in the enterprise environment, confirming what I already thought for the US market.
I am even more keen now to find out about the road map for the Blackberry future as they definately hold there cards close to their chests.

Quote from the podcast "steve job just has these massive medicine balls..."

more to follow.....

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