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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mr System Manager doesn't like Mr R2 (apparently)

Is it just me or does Windows Server 2003 R2 (MMC 3.0) seem to have issues around Exchange System Manager ?

I came across this issue on friday where the DLL seemed to not register correctly thus rendering the MMC 3.0 console not knowing what to with the snap-in.

On a quick scavenge of the internet (as I only had 10 minutes at the time) I found similar instances of this issue.

I can't understand why Microsoft would and does continually do stuff like this. Windows is big, right... Exchange is big, right.... you would atleast make sure (and spend a few more days testing) that these two core products would work well together before a release.

BTW heres the spec's
Windows Server 2003 R2 with all latest Windows Updates and Exchange System Manager (6.944) - snap in failed.

No errors in the Windows System or Application event log's either, strange.

A re-install fixed it.

Why it worked? I do not know.

Side Note - I know it's not Blackberry "per say" but it's a BES requirement, thought i'd rant!


Anonymous said...

Are these the 2003 system management tools? Had it been service packed to SP2?

Michael said...

Ah so bes puts a snap-in into sysmanager? Handy.