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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SRP Dispatcher Dropouts and Non-Starts

Although it is not recommended to be running 3rd Party software on a BES, it is most offen the case that there will be other software, for some strange and obscure reason, on the server sucking down those precious resources.

If by chance you happen to come accross a rogue (for theatrical reasons) application that just so happens to leech onto port 3101, and you don't want to change the port for some reason, then the best way to do this is to modify the registry to lock the blackberry app to the port explicitly.

Heres a good little doc from MS - M$

if you do a pilot, do a pilot

Taken from

Large organisations need to get better at "moving faster" when projects are working better than expected and putting a stop to projects when things aren't going so well, he said.

"Also, if you do a pilot, do a pilot," he said. "How many of you have done a pilot that somehow becomes a production system? We put out a BlackBerry pilot to 50 staff, when it got to 1000 staff, questions were asked. It was a pilot you couldn't turn off."


This is sooo true, as I have seen many a pilot move into production within a few months, with no great thought to how the solution (sometimes it wasn't even implemented as a solution!) is giong to operate in 6/12/18 months at down the track. And typically it ends up being in the too hard basket and doesn't ever get proper funding or resources to make it have HighAvailability/Redundancy and scalable.

On a side note, send me an email, if you need some advice, I'm alway willing to help (and maybe charge at the same time :) ).