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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

if you do a pilot, do a pilot

Taken from

Large organisations need to get better at "moving faster" when projects are working better than expected and putting a stop to projects when things aren't going so well, he said.

"Also, if you do a pilot, do a pilot," he said. "How many of you have done a pilot that somehow becomes a production system? We put out a BlackBerry pilot to 50 staff, when it got to 1000 staff, questions were asked. It was a pilot you couldn't turn off."


This is sooo true, as I have seen many a pilot move into production within a few months, with no great thought to how the solution (sometimes it wasn't even implemented as a solution!) is giong to operate in 6/12/18 months at down the track. And typically it ends up being in the too hard basket and doesn't ever get proper funding or resources to make it have HighAvailability/Redundancy and scalable.

On a side note, send me an email, if you need some advice, I'm alway willing to help (and maybe charge at the same time :) ).

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