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Friday, January 23, 2009

Barack Obama - Special Package ???,27574,24951266-5012572,00.html?referrer=email

Referring to the above link...

As the article states, the US President has allegedly received a " "super encryption package" custom-built by the National Security Agency. ".

Someone like myself is intrigued by this as with a device that is straight out of your local Blackberry store you have the ability in conjunction with a BES to use AES 256 bit encryption of the data in transit aswell as the data on the device and/or memory card. On top of this you can use certificate based authentication aswell a secure mime. You can alos use your favourite VPN with a token and use a swipe card reader aswell. You can also change your key store password any time you like if you feel it is has been comprimised (so slim of a chance), also firewall for random messages and unwanted services and default application permissions, just incase this gets into a bit of trouble some how, secure encrypted carrier phone calls, not to mention the total control from the BES using a private peer to peer encryption key and minimising password attemps, compelxity requirements, disabling non essential blackberry services, duress notification, wipe on holstering etc... the list goes on ........

Now my math is pretty good, but to do the math on the above I can only imagine the amount of time needed for the best spec PC to allow someone to hack into an Obama layer cake like this.

My predication is that there is actually nothing special besides what I have mentioned, out of the box delivered by the Blackberry that the National Security Agency has done.

I can only imagine that there has been an application on there that has been placed to provide challenge questions periodically or the like, to ensure it is actually the president using the device... or something of the like.

I think an internal attack from within the network is more likely than someone wirelessly launching an attack on Obamas baby blackberry, but, it's about getting stolen I would say.

Anyway, that's my Two Cents.

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