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Thursday, May 15, 2008

4.5 Device OS

I have it i installed on my corporate device (will install it in the lab tomorrow), way too many features to blog about right now, very tired....

1 feature which really stands out is the browser!!!

very very impressed.

Watch this space.


First Impressions.... they have gone into separating data, moving away from the traditional "loads of information" in one streaming data list for just about every application on the device. Looks good. Having a problem with some themes ATM, unable to lock the 8310 with the alt-enter combination from the Home screen, not the applicahtion screen. Have to have the localisation service on to shift-space and then it works, if you turn it off it stops working.
The equaliser is not always there in the media player, I was doing a demo to a work collegue and all of a sudden the EQ vanished! At this point in time I migh point out that I am using version The Browser is getting there... it is rendering pages pretty close to the PC level now. The HTML email handy and a natural progression. In all... the Bold with the increased CPU speed and HSPDA capabilities will make this device a powerhouse for Blackberry again. The feel of the new OS is fantastic and you just get a sense that everything just works. Can't wait for that BOLD !!!

on a possible negative note...
How will the Battery go ?
Will it stoop down to the Windows Mobile Powered device levels and last for 3 hours ?

I think @ worst it will have the battery life of the 8310. It's going to be interesting to see how they switch between the 3 DATA Transports (GPRS/3G/HSDPA).

One theory of mine is that it will stay on GPRS just as normal and in true Blackberry Style it will connect to the 3G/HSDPA Network as needed, meaning the battery life is going to be huge!!

Wifi connectivity is nothing new, looking forward to the UMA ideas that are finally going to be floated around in Australia.

/me is off to talk with our RIM Account Rep :)

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