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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blackberry Monitoring Service 4.1.5

I am installing the monitoring service now, very intrigueing to me as this is the side of my work where I live :)

4.1.5 was definately released as a service pack, no visual triggers to make you want to have it, only the addition of the tab in the domain selction tabs.

The Blackberry Monitoring Service installs three (3) services so to speak,

There is the Data Router, Engine and the User Interface.

I suspected that this would be web based and I was plesantly suprised that it was. When first installed the default browser is opened and 127.owed:5089 and up comes the Welcome to Blackbery page.first to note is the default username and password, one would expect these to not be changed by lots of organisation , resulting in a security breach.

Thankfully as soon as you press ok, you have to change it straight away... as expected from RIM.

Ahh my first glitch, the monitoring service uses SNMP traps, away i go to install :)

..... back.... been very busy @ work... new Job and all.... still no the trail... just very busy.

Have it working, just a few minor details before I release some screenshots, etc..


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