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Monday, February 4, 2008

Blackberry Wishlist / Need List

Ill start the ball rolling now, not conclusive, but I am going to put up my Wishlist for the Blackberry Solution, ones that are easily added to the device and aren't unrealistic (i.e a key dedicated to producing wormholes :P )

1. GPS Notification Icon - Doesn't that just bite when ur battery goes dead because you have left GPS on all day ?
2. BES Management Console for the Device, i.e. So BESadmins can add and remove and reset passwords on the go.
3. Ability to remotely hide/show icons on users devices rather than just the service. i.e Hid the compose icon.

EDIT: Good to see atleast one of my ideas was fixed with SP5 :)

more to come.....

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