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Monday, January 21, 2008

The Inner Workings of a Blackberry Curve 8310


Shouts of Horror!!

I nearly lost my Blackberry today.... the world most definately would have ended... lol

Until I got another one out of the Cupboard @ work tomorrow ... lol.

While it was smashed into smitherines from my accidental throwing of the device I decided to check it's guts out :)

The design is very well made, complements to the chef :)

But one thing caught my eye and that was , you guessed it, the trackball. I had always been wondering what it looked like underthere and how it all worked (engineering background/nature) but i had always been "too busy" to pull it apart.

It actually works like the legacy ball mice for PC's but there are 4 rollers rather than 2, thus surrounding the trackball on 4 sides.

The rough texture of the Trackball is actually by design, thus making it grip.

Anyway.... i was intrigued...

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