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Thursday, April 30, 2009

BES 5.0

Well... now the cats out of the Bag...

I can finally talk about BES 5.0 ! Yay!

I have been using it now for the last two months, and have sat the 5.0 Beta Exams in Domino and Exchange, and I'd like to say that I am extremely impressed with 5.0.

But first, we will need to address the change in Administration of the server for the critics. I like it and I hate it at the same time. I see in large organizations with multiple admins and a distributed help desk environment do need to have something that is easily accessible and not a strain on the COE, so having a Web Based only administration method seems the logical choice here, but.... the 4.1 console has been around for a while now and the popularity of BES has multiplied immensely since 4.0 and people have really fallen in love with the 4.1 console. One particular point was in service pack 2 when RIM re-introduced the right - click due to popular demand, this was such a relief as we all came from 4.0 right? Well now we have gone back to a web based, no right click version, that seems like it takes twice as long to do anything again, now I do realise for 5.0 that this is there first to the masses release and haven't perfected it yet, the 4.1 optional extra admin service was not widely used and still isn't so I guess a true reflection on the usability wasn't established.

Here's a thought RIM.

Why not have an option in the install to chose the default install ?

1. Web Based
2. Console

and then run setup again to install either at a later date.

As for the other well published features, mirroring,ha etc... they are fantastic, great direction from RIM.

I think BES 5.0 coupled with SQL 2005, Exchange 2007/Domino 8, Wireless Upgrades, and 5.0 Handset Code on a Bold is going to absolutely blow all the competition away, yet again!

Price it right and watch it fly!

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