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Friday, August 22, 2008

The one and only Bold

Well, here I am, sitting @ Stanwell Park, enjoying the view.

I thought, i'll make a phone call to my wife, so I get out the Bold, and the headphones that come with the bold since I have not used them, and begin to make a call and to my frustration theses stupid suction based earphones were unusable!!!

The headphones are rubbish RIM !!! Why did you go and re-invent the wheel ????????

Highly highly annoying.

They keep falling out and there is absolutely no bass and that kind of chord is frustrating as it has friction on your clothes and is hard to move around.

Well all as I can say, since I have been using the Bold for a while now is that the only thing I can complain about the Bold is infact not even technically part of the Bold.

The Bold lives up to all the reviews scattered accross the Net. I'll have to disagree with the fragile'ness of the device as I am finding it very similar to the Curve, fingeres crossed.

The screen is freakishly amazing. iPodone's screen quality is no match.

I probably use my device Half/Half as I travel 2.5hours each way every day to work and including wekends for Business/Recreation and I am finding this device has two distinct cores that have been meshed into one perfect blend of an Enterprise Consumer device.

If RIM don't sell millions of these puppy's then the order of the universe has been adjusted and i'm not writing this!

Battery life is true, hardcore using and abusing of all features on this device with only 1 initial charge from out of the box gave me 8 hours and 50% battery level left, once you have had it for longer it starts to be 2 full days of hardcore business and recreational (awake hours) use, so you don't even worry about the battery running flat that day if you charged it fully before you left no matter what you have on.

WIFI - What can I say ? this device with it's 624Mhz processor was build for WiFi, sending emails, IM'ing, Webbrowsing, felt like the only bottleneck was my ISP! the device even has quicker communication arrows and that was @ 48mbps.

It seemlessly cuts over from Cellular to Wifi and initiates that 443 connection effortlessly and quickly without any user action once setup.

Now wheres that UMA client?????? and why can't we use it in Australia ??????????

Media upgrade was evolution and is a definate compeditor for other media devices in the consumer space, video is seemless getting atleast 32fps without flicker. Audio is outstanding.


Hopefully I will resist the urge to come in and edit this and make it into 50 pages as I have fallen in love.

a quote that rings true, "Once you go Bold, there's NO going Back!"

1 comment:

Michael said...

People will buy the storm, because it's a big touchscreen device. Remember, you're appealing to the iPhone generation here.