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Monday, November 5, 2007

Holiday fun and the Blackberry 8310!

Hi All,

A couple of weeks have flown by, to the lack of mentioning my annual leave from the grind :(

never the less, i managed to fully test out the Vodafone GPS Application on 3rd Service pack release for the whole trip - from Wollongong to the Gold Coast.

So much to say, so little time, lol.

1st point - it got me there
2nd point - questionable
3rd point - it improved
4th point - i needed it bigtime and it didnt fail

it worked well, although it's routes were questionable it still got me there. The VF product is supposed to be up to date but i did find on a few remote occasions that the map didn't know where i was ?? i.e on newly built bypass's etc.

1 thing i don't like is the lack of which town i am in now ?

when you are driving a long way and someone calls you would like to tell them where you are Vodafone !

anyway..... ill elaborate later.........

the Holiday was great... i had a great time and if it wasn't for my Blackberry's long battery life and reliability i would have had a poor experience.

more to follow....

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