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Monday, October 1, 2007

Vodafone Compass Part 2

After the recent updates to compass the software has become more usable. Takes a while to get used to it still. Whilst on the long weekend here in Oz, I decided to give it a a good run in the car on the way to Sydney airport and back to wollongong. The device handled it well.... seems to be getting up there in the likes of tomtom etc.... it really sucks the battery, with only 30 minutes of usage burning up half the phones battery, that's including the constant connection to the BES, receiving email and phone calls....etc..
The screen was pretty hot after 10 minutes so I guess this is the reason why. A car charger is definately mandatory for this operation.
The gps even in a car door pocket managed to find about 8 satellites and was about 3 meteres acurate the whole way, so it said.
Looks good so far, can't wait for the October update.

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