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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Oh Little Johnny, you have redeemed yourself...

Our beloved prime minister made one of the best jokes I have heard him say (and let me tell you he doesn't make many good ones)

Warren Smith to Prime Minister John Howard @ the Dally M Medal Award's

It went a little something like this (don't quote me :) )

WS - So, I hear theres a little meeting happening in town
JH - Yes there sure is
WS - I also hear that president bush is in town tonight
JH - Yes he is, he was supposed to of landed 15 minutes ago..... I knew that the NRL Dally M's were on so I sent the treasurer to Greet him...... gotta have your priorities right you know !!!
WS and Crowd and myself laugh loudly.

Gotta Say good call PM !!!

Also, well done to Johnathon Thurston - Well Deserved !!!

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